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This game is played with pen and paper on following board:


The board is split into 4 quarters. One player owns both white huts, the other player owns the black ones.

The players alternately move. A move consists of following parts, performed in any order:

 - Tree   Tree
The player must place a tree into an opponent quarter on a vacant square.

 - Stone   Stone
The player may place a stone on any vacant square.

 - Road   Road
The player may place two streets on any vacant squares (they do not have to be on adjacent squares).

There are following restrictions:

 - Every square must have an adjacent square which is either vacant or a road (or a hut). So a square must not be surrounded completely by obstacles (trees and stones).

 - The board must not be split in two with stones or trees. At the end of the game there will be one large road network.

 - Roads may only be placed near an own hut or near a road connected to an own hut (huts also act as roads).

The game ends when there is no vacant square left.
Both players count the distance from every tree to their nearest hut (following the roads).
For each tree the player who has the smaller distance will get one point.

The player with most points wins.



The squares near the trees show who gets the point. Black wins with 11:9.