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Green Material

Material: Board, 24 neutral tiles, 100 tiles per player (green and black)

Every player gets the tiles of one colour and 12 neutral tiles.

On his turn the player first may place any number of neutral stones on the board. Then he must place one tile of his own colour.

A tile may either be placed on a vacant square on the board or at the top of 4 other tiles. So the tiles will build a pyramid.

Neutral tiles however may not be placed at the outer border of the pyramid. So, at the bottom level the neutral tiles only may be placed in the inner 6x6 square, at the second level in the inner 5x5 square, and so on.

A player wins if he connects the two opposite edges of his colour with a continuous area (if seen from above, diagonal connections don't count).

To reduce the advantage of the first move the pie rule is used. After the first players turn the other player may choose to change colour. So the first player should make a move not too strong and not too weak.