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Lineup of the army

To build an army you first have to choose a race. You can choose between dwarfs, elves, humans, orcs and the undead. Every race has its own units which you can use to build the army. You can use any type of unit as often as you want but in sum the cost can't exceed 50. Both players additionally get a King - you cannot buy more Kings. The army can have 27 units at most (including the King).

For example if you play dwarfs your army can consist of 1 King, 3 Warriors, 3 Howitzers, 3 Trappers and 1 Runemaster.


After the (secret) lineup of the armies the players show them to each other. The player with more units begins with the setup (random in case of a tie):

The game is played on a board with 9x9 squares. The first player can put his units on rows 1-3, the other player on rows 7-9. The players alternately put units onto the board. As soon as one player positioned his last piece, the other player puts all remaining units onto the board.

The Battle

The player who hasn't put the last unit onto the board begins. The players alternately move a unit according to its moving abilities to another square. If the square is occupied by an opponent unit, this unit is captured and taken off the board. A player is not allowed to move in such a way that his King (concerning elves: the last King) can be captured. If this is not possible the player is in checkmate and loses.


You are not allowed to capture one of your own units (exception: special move of Shaman (orcs) - whereby it is not allowed to destroy the own King).

You are not allowed to jump over other units (Exception: special moves of Mage (humans) and Runemaster (dwarfs)).

You may not pass your turn. If you have no legal move, you lose.

Goblins in the last row or other units with no remaining moves stay there until they are captured.

The Units

About the graphics: A dot means that the unit can move one square in this direction. An arrow means that the unit can move any number of squares in this direction (as long as no other unit is inbetween).


About the Troll: A troll moves like an orc, but may make another move if it hasn't captured on its first move.

About the Shaman: The explosion covers a 5x5 area.

The Board


Portal for playing online: Fantasychess