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Red Material

Material: Board, 14 tiles for the black player (tiles with 1 red and 2 black segments), 14 tiles for the red player (tiles with 1 black and 2 red segments), 25 cones per player

Every player gets the tiles and cones of one colour.

On his turn a player puts one of his tiles on any vacant cell. If a loop is finished, the player with the majoritiy of segments in this loop may fill this loop with his cones (see picture).

The object of the game is to connect the 3 sides of the triangle with a group of connected cones (two cones are connected if they are near each other; all 6 black cones in the picture are connected).

If there is a loop inside another loop, only the outer one is valid.

This game is played with the pie rule (after the first player makes his first move the other one may choose to change colours).