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Material: 40 rhombic tiles, 5 hexagonal tiles

First, the hexagonal tiles are shuffled and one is dealt to each player. The tiles define the colour of each player. The players should look at them, but keep them secret.

Now the players alternately place any of the rhombic tiles, observing following rules:

- Apart from the first tile every tile must be adjacant to at least one other tile.

- Adjacent tiles must have matching colours.

- You must not choose the same tile your opponent just used (except there is no other tile left).

- A tile must not prevent the construction of a regular decagon. At the end of the game the tiles must always form a regular decagon. To fulfill this rule you normally only have to be aware of two things: In each colour there must not be more than 2 lines and you must not form unfillable gaps like these:

Forbidden Move

The game ends when all tiles have been played. Now the secret colours are revealed.
Every player counts the tiles inbetween the two lines of his colour. The player with the highest amount wins.

In the first picture the scores would be:
blue: 9
green: 8
yellow: 6
red: 20