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Quintus is played on the following board:


The yellow cells are the ring, the other cells are called core. Additionally you need black and white stones for the players, and some neutral stones in 5 different colours.

On a turn, a player may choose one:

 - he puts 1 stone of his colour on a cell in the core.

 - he puts 1 neutral stone of a colour not already on the board on a cell on the ring. Inbetween this stone and the next stone on the ring there have to be at least 5 vacant cells if this is possible.

 - he puts 2 neutral stones of any colour already on the board on a cell on the ring. Each of these stones has to be adjacant to a stone of the same colour.

A player wins if he has a group of connected stones touching neutral stones in 4 different colours. He also wins if he has two groups of stones each touching 3 different colours.

Example, white won:


Unfortunately draws are possible as there are positions in which neither player wants to play. For example in this position: