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Blue Material

Material: Board, 32 large tiles, 20 small tiles, 10 blue cones, 10 black cones

Both players get the cones of their colour.

The game is played in two phases:

In the first phase the players alternately place one large or small tile on the board. A small tile may only be placed on squares where no large tile is possible (i.e. if all adjacant squares are already occupied). The player who occupies the last square completes this phase. The other player begins with the second phase.

In the second phase the players alternately place a cone on an unoccupied area. A player wins if he manages to connect his sides with a continuous path of his areas.

For the first phase the pie rule is used: The first player places a tile, the other player may choose to change colours instead of his first turn.

For the second phase the half pie rue is used: After the first player places his first cone, the other player may replace the opponents cone with an own instead of a regular turn.